Tucked In & XIXIX

March 24th, 2023 7pm   Stage 2




Born out of quarantine boredom, XIXIX is the solo project of Philadelphia based music producer Will Brown. Pulling influences from the synthesizers of LCD Soundsystem and The Cure to the screaming guitars of Neil Young and Built to Spill, XIXIX best serves an intentional listener who can separate intrapersonal lyricism from a highly approachable soundscape.  

Released in fall of 2021 his debut album set the stage for an ethereal synth pop experience, only to be juxtaposed by a raw and aggressive live show driven by Brown’s guitar playing and affinity for punk and hardcore.  With nothing left to the imagination besides how to pronounce the name, there’s no sense that Brown is playing a part when he brings himself onstage. 

Brown’s effortless genre-blending style is credited to the way he’s been able to chameleon himself into an amalgam of different bands across his career such as Caiola, Julian King, and Trap Rabbit among others.

Tucked In

Born in Brooklyn, New York at Pete’s Candy Store, Tucked In began as a duo with Gunnar Flinchum (vocals) and Shae Ferguson (guitar). The group’s evolution has taken them through the indie rock scene in New York to the sandy shores of Vero Beach, FL to their current residence in Phoenixville, PA. Along the way, the group has won the attention of their audiences with their raw instrumentation backed by refined vocals and tight harmonies.

Drummer Connor Lord and recent additions Dan Rodgers (bass) and Carrie Morgan (keyboard/vocals) have taken the band’s sound a step further. The five members spent the fall of 2022 writing and recording the band’s 2nd EP. “Cocoon” will be released on 3/24/23.