Turn It Up Full Bill / Have Fun! / Povverchords / Something's Cursed / SCREWBAWL

March 17th, 2023 6pm   Stage 2


Turn It Up


Have Fun!


Have Fun! is a four piece pop punk act from Worcester, MA. After a few years of experience under a different name we officially rebranded as Have Fun! in 2021. The same year as our self titled EP "Have Fun!" which was released earlier in the year. Produced by pop punk legend and Massachusetts native Alan Day of Four Year Strong, we kicked off our new sound with an upbeat energy captured in their lead single "Monotalk". After a lineup change at the end of the year, original members Chris Jimson and Rob Kogut wee joined by new members Tim Costa and Nick Martel. In 2022 the band released two singles “Everything Is Fine” and “Turn It Up”. In 2023 another song was released titled “Hangover Clothes”, after recording a batch of new material as a four piece

Something's Cursed, SCREWBAL, and Povverchords

Something's cursed is a punk band from Queens New York.

SCREWBAWL is a rock band from South Brooklyn.

Povverchords is an eclectic blend of 2000s emo, pop-punk, surf rock, electronic, and shoegaze. Think if My Bloody Valentine, Brand New, Sigur Ros, Cigarettes After Sex, and The 1975 had a supergroup. Povverchords released an EP and barrage of singles since forming in 2018. The full-length concent album "[sobbing]" was recorded over the pandemic in boutique studios and spare bedrooms in Brooklyn, Nashville, Tel Aviv, Melbourne and Oakland, and debuted in 2022.