Tyler Rigdon & the Second Arrangement

January 10th, 2020 7pm   Stage 1


Tyler Rigdon & the Second Arrangement


Rock, roll, Americana from the midwest.

In 2017, I wrote 30 songs. For a songwriter, that seems to be a pretty healthy number. Maybe if I was a staff writer there would be more, but if I was a more casual writer, there would be far less. I do this both because I love it and I have to.

I compiled the 30 songs into a few categories: two different records that need to be made, songs to put on the back-burner, and of course, "the throwaways." And then there were some leftovers--songs I love but don't quite fit the aesthetic or musical vocabulary of the records I want to make, yet, too good to toss.
I'm a lover of organization, coherency, construction, patterns and completion, and for any artist who shares these traits, you know how galling it can be to have pieces that don't fit into your puzzle. These four songs have been pinned to my back with no home for months, so I had to build them one.

Once I took the steps of recording them, producing them--so they sound like a family--attaching an image to them and releasing them, they ceased to be mine, and they became yours, and once they are yours, they fall off my back which is a great sigh of relief for me.

I recorded these on a budget of zero dollars and no sense with the help of good friends and tons of borrowed gear in Boston, Massachusetts in January of 2018.

Thanks for listening and keep an ear out this year for big things.