Vakili Band

April 27th, 2023 7pm   Stage 1



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Vakili Band is "a full-on, revival-style, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-meets-the-Pretenders, rock n' fuckin' roll band" according to Magnet Magazine.
Postcard Elba says "The Patti Smith Group vibe is strong with Vakili Band, both in the straight ahead rock n' roll fire and passionate street poet vibes, and we'll take that over ironic detachment and empty theatrics any day of the week."
A New Jersey-based collaboration, Vakili Band includes frontwoman and songwriter Lily Vakili (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ben St. Jacques (lead guitar), Gordon Kuba (drums), Joel Dorow (harmonica), and Matt Jovanis (bass). The band has released two albums: Oh Alright (recorded with Ray Ketchem at Magic Door Studio) and Walking Sideways (recorded with David Amlen at Sound on Sound, and mastered by Grammy-award winner, Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound).
photo cred: Jacob Blickenstaff