Vishnu R - Strings Beyond Borders

July 10th, 2022 7pm   Stage


Vishnu R

Vishnu R is an award-winning performer, composer and inventor of the NAVTAR, a unique 9-string instrument. A Fellow of the US Govt., Vishnu has worked with top names in the music industry including GRAMMY-winning artists and producers. With performances across India, Europe and USA, he brings to audiences an irresistible blend of high energy Indian Classical, Jazz and Spanish fusion music.

Vishnu's versatility and mastery of Indian and Western music has gained him several awards such as Grade 8 Distinction from the Trinity College of London, 'WINNER' of the Beyond Music International project, Karnataka Govt. award and Pogo Amazing musician award to name a few. As a session artist, he has recorded for numerous Indian and International projects, films, productions and albums. He has given lectures and talks on Music, Innovation and Education at industry-leading forums and conferences.