Walking Cliché Sextet

May 26th, 2022 9pm   Stage 3


Walking Cliché Sextet

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Walking Cliché Sextet is a jazz-based group that explores the line between polyphonic organization to chaotic noise. Thus, the group’s interest is focused on creating layers of harmony, rhythm, noise-like textures through both composition and improvisation.

The group was first formed on March, 2019 and selected as a jazz honor ensemble of New England Conservatory on 2019/2020 year. They also had a tour to South Korea on Jan, 2020, supported by SFAC(Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture). Their first single “Suite Chase Reflex” was released on Jan, 2021 and will be releasing new album on October of 2022.


Seajun Kwon is a composer / improvisor interested in exploring boundaries. Therefore, the composition/improvisation process are mostly focused on discovering the edge of certain idea and revealing the relationship between faced ones. Such boundaries can include composition/improvisation, and musical materials like microtonality or polyrhythm that gives depth to the entire texture. He is currently leading a group called Walking Cliché Sextet and released its first single album on Jan of 2021.