What?, Kudu Stooge, Questa

June 11th, 2022 10pm   Stage 2




What? Is a funk septet hailing out of the Hudson Valley of New York. Drawing influence from the serene landscape of the Catskills that inspired the likes of The Band and Donald Fagan, What? bridges the gap between R&B groove and improvisational jam. Compared to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Lawrence, Phish and Snarky Puppy, What?’s eclectic taste in music lays the framework for a night that spans multiple genres. With a constantly growing following, What? is known to bring high energy, infectious melodies and soulful grooves with their power-house horn trio each time they grace the stage.

Kudu Stooge


Kudu Stooge is a 4-piece rock group dedicated to heavy-hitting live shows and writing original music The band takes an eclectic approach, harnessing a south that veers into po as easily as prog.



An upstart singer-songwriter born and raised in New York City, QUESTA's floating vocals, eccentric performances, and ability to convey emotion through his sonically rich arrangements has made him a crowd favorite in the underground performance scene in New York. He is backed by an eclectic group of talented musicians, which includes his producer Ben Wigler on bass, from the band "Arizona".