Xander Ferreira

January 29th, 2020 9pm   Stage 2


Xander Ferreira

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Coming to America to sing the blues (funk, pop, soul and lots more besides), Xander Ferreira presents his new live band, the True Tones

Xander Ferreira may be an artist by profession but he’ll also answer to philosopher, magician, seer, and above all – explorer. His mind is a playing field where ideas run rife and his environment is a sounding board for his analysis of human existence. In short this man is deep. A South African native, he first rose to infamy for his Gazelle project, which started off as a study of the socio-political behaviour of African dictators and turned into a book, musical genre, album and double act with DJ InviZAble (watch their video for rediscovered gem Speak Up here).Now based in New York, where he surfs decks as The Happy Show DJs (among other things), his soulful musings seep into his new musical endeavour Xander Ferreira and the True Tones. This is uplifting, groovy rock&roll that you just want to wrap yourself up in and stay with for a while.