January 18th, 2020 8pm   Stage 1



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Sitting with Yldstein last month to talk over his breakthrough project, the Long Beach, New York native was candid opening up about his most pressing concerns as an emerging musician. Blessed with a lion's mane of fiery hair, and a jaw that could cut stone, he was an unmissable in the corner booth of the dimly lit pool hall. "Style" he professed after a few racks of billiards. "Accepting that my true sound can only come from inside."

In an age where editing software allows for records to be 'perfected' during post production, Yldstein aims for perfection with every chord. A single from the artist's project, "Can't Slow Me" showcases the driving energy and passion with which Yldstein packs into his music.

"The whole experience was reassuring really," Yldstein admits of his latest studio session. He's chalking a mahogany cue with small wrist rotations as Sid Vicious screams from a jukebox. Thrusting his stick he continues, "watching the album come together, and feeling confident that all the pieces were falling into place." As the ricocheting ball finds it's intended corner pocket, Yldstein is already lining up what will be the game's winning shot. With a level of grace unexpected in a man of his stock and frame, he sinks the 8-ball delivering me yet another crushing defeat. "They ought to make the pockets a smaller," I joke, returning to our booth with both hands full, another round of lager waged and lost. Yldstein just shakes his head, "Even that wouldn't slow me."