October 29th, 2023 11pm   Stage 1




Youmu made a major debut as the singer of the rock band TOY BOYS! Gathered 3000 fans during the amateur days and kick-started a successful career. He also served as the singer of the band RAY-GUNS which gained tremendous popularity with the super-hit opening theme "CENTURY COLOR" for the TV anime ∀(Turn A) Gundam. (Lyrics: Ringu Ogii, Youmu Hamaguchi; Composition: Youmu Hamaguchi)

Youmu achieved massive success and long-lasting sales with the ending theme "SAKURA" (Lyrics & Composition: Youmu Hamaguchi) for the TV anime The Prince of Tennis. He is currently active as a solo singer, music producer, and vocal coach. Due to the global movement of Japanese anime abroad, Youmu received high acclaim and had covers of his songs performed from all over the world. He also held concerts in the United States, China (Beijing, Shanghai), and Korea (Seoul), expanding his reach globally.

As a music director, Youmu participated in movie projects that were directed by renowned figures in the Japanese horror manga industry such as Shinichi Koga, Junji Ito, and Ochazuke Nori. He produced music for three films including Eko Eko Azarak, and broadened his creative endeavors.

Moreover, Youmu leads his own music label, THE RAIN-MAKER, where he guides and produces numerous singers, anime song artists, and voice actors.