Zaid Leppelin

September 4th, 2023 8pm   Stage 2


Zaid Leppelin


Zaid Leppelin (Zed Lep-lin) is a Pakistani-American artist who came up in the vibrant college music scene of Boston and now calls New York City home. Known for his honest online takes, Zaid has gone viral on several occasions, notably for the “quiet quitting” movement. His music shares the vulnerability & tongue-in-cheek commentary that draws in audiences from around the world.

In his upcoming debut album, Rodent Race, Zaid explores themes such as hustle culture, the post-grad void, friend loss, and suburban isolation. The songs are a reflection of his own experiences as an artist who at 25 feels the pressure of capturing fleeting success in the music industry. Engineered by Crime in Stereo’s Gary Cioni, the record boasts a unique blend of synth-pop, rock, and electronic influences, showcasing Zaid’s impressive range as a vocalist and a songwriter.

With a growing fanbase and internet virality, Zaid is determined to reach new heights with this project. His refined sound, authentic storytelling, and compelling stage presence make him an artist to watch.