April 15th, 2023 11pm   Stage 1



Erica Zigon, also known as Zigs, is a singer/songwriter from Long Island, NY. The 28-year-old artist draws influence from hip hop, alternative rock, r&b and blues. Growing up listening to artists like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, Eve, The Grateful Dead and 50 Cent she draws inspiration from all around the music spectrum.

From humble beginnings performing alongside her brother, Zigs began to write her own songs, debuting her first single “Babe” in 2018. Soon after, Zigs released two music videos, all within a year. Her highly anticipated first EP “Note to Self” was released 02.06.2020, showcasing her unique sound. In “Note to Self”, Zigs opens up and lets us in to a side the artist has yet the share with the public. Her soulful acoustic sound is captivating and always leaves her fans wanting more.

When not honing her craft, Zigs works to give back to those less fortunate. In 2018, she founded “We’ve Got You Covered,” a NYC-based campaign to help keep the homeless stay warm and feel loved…in her own words “just being human.”